Quaker Hill Upper Cut 1Y22

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Birth Weight80



A superstar of the Spring 2024 NCC report released in early December and sired by an increasingly popular outcross A.I. sire for many programs, this young sire is very unique in the fact that he offers breed leading marbling score genetics with a pedigree that does not include either the $180,000 half interest G A R Progress or his famous sire G A R Predestined who are woven throughout the pedigree tabulations of most of the most popular sources of marbling score genetics in the Angus breed.

Paternal sisters to Upper Cut topped the Fall 2022 Yon female sale at $55,000, $44,000 and $25,000 and a paternal brother topped the Spring 2023 Yon bull sale at $27,000 for two-thirds interest while a paternal sister was the $26,000 top-selling female of the Fall 2023 Yon female sale.


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Spring Cove Reno 4021
Yon Top Cut G730
Yon Sarah D668
Quaker Hill One Eyed Jack
Quaker Hill Empress 9X30
QuakerHill SGR Empress 7SF15

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