S M C Elevate

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Birth Weight85
Weaning Weight762
Yearling Weight1220
Frame Score5.9
Scrotal Circumference37


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We have used Elevate on both heifers and cows.  We have never pulled a calf sired by him and they have averaged 75 pounds at birth.  The calves have excellent vigor and are showing explosive growth. They are square made and stout.  His calves are definitely some of the standouts in our calf crop this year.


Other thoughts on Elevate.


He is a big footed bull with excellent foot shape and angle.


$40,000 high selling bull from our 2022 sale.


#1 Pap EPD bull in the entire Angus Breed


Elite EPD profile that offers explosive growth, coupled with moderate, easy fleshing, highly maternal, and excellent feet.


One of a very few bulls in the breed with a $M over 110 and a $C over 300.


Puppy dog gentle!  He is the docile Resilient son you are looking for.


His very productive dam sold to Hollow Top Angus in Pony Montana.


Study his numbers closely and it is obvious that he is an extremely rare find in the breed.


Has been successfully used on large commercial heifer breeding projects.


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Sitz Miss Burgess 1856
S M C Lucy 7075
S M R Lucy 3006

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