KCC Werner Wall Street 1666

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Semen: $25.00

Certificate: $35.00

Birth Weight88
Weaning Weight778
Yearling Weight1397
Frame Score6.5
Scrotal Circumference37

1.  He possesses great eye appeal along with personal scan
data next to none.  He had an adj. IMF of 4.08 and adj. REA of 16.5
2.  Wall Street is sound on this feet and legs.
3.  He ranks in the top 10% for all growth and some carcass traits.
4.  His daughters are calving easily and look like they are going
to be the "keeping kind" of cows.  They have great capacity
and well-balanced udders.  They are going to follow in the
footsteps of Rita 2811, his dam.


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S A V 8180 Traveler 004
Boyd Forever Lady 8003
Rita 2811 of 2536 BVND 878
G A R Precision 2536

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