JDD Totus Medius 117

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Semen: $30.00

Certificate: $30.00

Birth Weight80
Weaning Weight845
Hip Height47
Frame Score6.5


1.  He was born with a birth ratio of 98, when weaned he walked across the scales at over 820lbs, earning a weaning ratio of 135; no creep feed. As a yearling his carcass ultrasound revealed a rib eye ratio of 111.

2. Totus has a long line of stong performance genetics.

3. His dam is a leading donor for Jim & Debbie Davis, as is his Pathfinder Grand Dam, who is one of the foundation females of their entire program.


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C F Right Design 1802
Summitcrest Elba 1M17
JDD Emma 743
JDD Prestige 5735

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