Final Product

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Semen: $25.00

Certificate: $40.00

Birth Weight73
Weaning Weight752
Yearling Weight1341
Hip Height57.25
Frame Score6.7
Scrotal Circumference38
Sexed SemenYes

Reasons To Use:
1: A long bodied bull with super calving ease and eye appeal.
2: He has a maternal pedigree,and has very flexable mating possibilities.
3: His progeny have consistently been some of the most
sought after.
4.  He is in the top 2% for WW, YW, $F.


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G A R Retail Product
Connealy Product 568
Pride Fine of Conanga 566
Connealy Deep Canyon 454
Ebonista of Conanga 471
Ebonisa of Conanga 5469

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