GB Fireball 672 AN2099

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Semen: $30.00

Certificate: $40.00

Registration 18690054
Birth Weight47
Weaning Weight505
Yearling Weight1051
Mature Weight2020
Hip Height56
Frame Score5.3
Scrotal Circumference39


GB Fireball 672:
~  Sure fire calving ease and carcass quality with added performance and reduced intake
~  Double digit Calving Ease EPD with top 5% growth for a big time curve bender spread
~  Offers a combination of Marbling and Rib Eye Area EPDs that is unmatched by any other active or non-parent sire in the Angus breed today
~  Offers significant sire line advantages for DMI, muscle and $Beef


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G A R Complete N281
G A R Anticipation
GB Anticipation 432
GB Ambush 269

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