Angus Sire - WK BOBCAT

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Semen: $25.00

Certificate: $35.00

Registration: 16447442
Born: 02/01/2009
Birth Weight: 70
Weaning Weight: 824
Yearling Weight: 1491
Frame Score: 6.1
Scrotal Circumference: 40

1.He is a short gestation bull with many of the calves coming 7-10 days early.
2..  He is pictured here after being out in the foothills for 2 cycles of
natural service.  He is sound on his feet and legs and moves out easily.
3.  The bull calves pictured are late February to mid-March calves.  They
look to be 6.1+ frames-there is room to grow.
4.  He has a gentle disposition both in pasture and stud.


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SAV Final Answer 0035
Connealy Right Answer 746
Happy Dell of Conanga 262
WK Miss Angus 7127
WK Miss Angus 1403

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