Sitz Emblazon 9598

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Semen: $20.00

Certificate: $40.00

Birth Weight78
Weaning Weight794
Yearling Weight1198
Scrotal Circumference42

1.  9598 is a very thick made bull with impressive phenotype
and is moderate in frame size.
2.  Was the high selling bull at Sitz Angus 2009 Fall sale.
He has a NR of 122 and a YR of 115. Ratioed 114 for IMF, 107 for REA.
3.  Ranks in the top 2% for WW, top 5% for YW, top 20% for
marbling and feed lot value.
4.  Igenity scores: Marbling 9/10, Ribeye 10/10 and
% Choice 9/10.


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